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Since the European Commission created the European Research Area (ERA) in 2000, it has continuously developed activities and policies aimed at strengthening this initiative. One of these is the European Charter for Researchers and the European Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (2005), which aims to help organizations to incorporate aspects such as open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment systems into their own HR processes, thus contributing to the mobility and recruitment of talent within Europe.

The Charter and the Code address multiple aspects related to good working conditions, professional development at different stages of the professional career or internationalization, among other issues, to foster the professionalization of European organizations and to strength their research networks for competing internationally under better conditions.

In this context, the EC creates the HRS4R award of Human Resources Strategy for Researchers to which CICYTEX has joined by subscribing the Charter and the Code on March 21, 2023, and thus committing to develop the rules and obligations contained in both documents.

CICYTEX presented on July 21, 2023, its Candidacy to obtain the "Excellence in HR in Research" award and for this purpose presented an Action Plan with different measures that is in full implementation.




  CICYTEX HRS4R Action Plan

  Endorsement Letter HRS4R CICYTEX

logo¿What is HRS4R?

The HRS4R excellence seal is an initiative of the European Commission that recognizes and promotes the adoption of best practices in human resource management in the field of research. This seal is awarded to institutions demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement in working conditions, gender equality, mobility, and the professional development of researchers. [Learn more] Charter and Code of HRS4R (

logoCICYTEX Human Resources Strategy Principles for Research Excellence

Our Human Resources Strategy

At CICYTEX, we understand that our researchers are the driving force behind our success. Therefore, our Human Resources Strategy focuses on creating an environment conducive to high-quality research and professional growth.

Our strategy is based on the following principles:

1. Talent Attraction and Retention: We seek to attract and retain the best talents in the research field, providing a stimulating work environment, development opportunities, and a balance between work and personal life.

2. Professional Development: We encourage continuous training and the development of researchers' skills, offering opportunities to expand their expertise and advance in their careers.

3. Promotion of Mobility: We support the mobility of researchers, both within our institution and internationally, to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

4. Equality and Diversity: We are committed to promoting gender equality and diversity in our research staff, creating an inclusive environment where all voices are valued.

5. Ethics and Integrity: We uphold high ethical standards in research and ensure a work environment based on integrity and transparency.

6. Communication and Participation: We promote open communication and active participation of researchers in institutional decision-making.

logoOur Commitment to Excellence

CICYTEX is firmly committed to pursuing HRS4R accreditation as a testament to our dedication to research excellence and the continuous improvement of working conditions for our researchers. This strategy is a fundamental part of our journey towards excellence and reflects our dedication to creating an environment where innovative and high-quality research can thrive. [Learn more about the HRS4R process by EURAXESS] HRS4R | EURAXESS (

For further details on our Human Resources Strategy and our commitment to HRS4R accreditation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we are advancing towards a future of world-class research at CICYTEX. [Contact us]

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