logoProvision of Buds of Autochthonous Varieties to Commercial Incubators (variety:clon)

 Pardina: 1SO28 y 1JP4.

 Cayetana Blanca: 2AL11, 2TO13 y 2SO4.

 Montúa: 3 AL45.

 Alarije: 5TA31 5TA19 y 5TA13.

 Borba: 6MO15 y 6MO4.

 Cigüente: 8CA19, 8CA40 y 8CA31.

 Perruno: 9CA39 y 9CA25.

New clones of the Pardina, Cayetana, Montúa and Eva varieties will be obtained soon.

logoTrials focused on the integrated management of GTD (Grapevine Trunk Diseases)

 Isolation, identification and quantification of pathogenic fungi (soil and trunk).

 Phytopathogenic and molecular characterisation of fungi isolates.

 Determination of the inhibition of radial growth and spore germination in culture medium.

 Efficiency/ plant toxicity trials of fungicides and alternative integrated control systems (in pots and experimental plots of land).