logoGeneral information

The demand of information on the pistachio (Pistacia vera L) by the growers of our Community has increased in recent years due to the pistachio’s high level of adaptation to various types of soil, as well as due to the fact that it poses as a potential alternative to traditional crops both in irrigation and dryland farming. Its adaptation to several production areas is mainly based on the chill hour requirements of the various cultivars and the potential late frosts occurring in April, which is blossoming time.

In an attempt to meet such requirements, CICYTEX has begun to work in the growth of pistachios by introducing different varieties and rootstocks. The agronomic behaviour of the various cultivars and their adaptability to the soil and climate characteristics of Vegas Bajas del Guadiana, are some of the focuses of these test projects.

logoVariety behaviour

CICYTEX started to study the “Kerman”, “Larnaka”, “Avdat”, “Sirora” and “Mateur” varieties on UCB1 rootstocks, which is considered to be the most vigorous and productive pattern.

As a response to pistachio dryland farming, varieties “Kerman” and “Larnaka” –the most popular in the various production areas- are being introduced, in this case, on terebinth (P. Terebinthus) rootstocks.