Olive tree

Olive tree

logoPlant material and collections

logoMain collection

The plantation was established in Autumn 2013 and includes 36 varieties from the Mediterranean Basin which have been selected at the World Bank of Cordoba. These varieties represent 90% of the genetic variability of the original collection. We have 8 trees per variety growing in an intensive system with a distribution pattern of 7 x 5 m, North-South orientation, on ridges and using drip irrigation.

logoCollection of oil-producing and table olive varieties

This collection includes the main Spanish and Extremadura varieties that are grown for both purposes. It has a plot with adult olive trees using irrigation and another plot using rain water with a total of 22 varieties, 11 of oil-production olives and 8 of olive production. We have 10 specimens per variety distributed in a plantation with a 7 x 7 m pattern, which were planted in 1999.

logoPlantation with varieties for hedgerow olive groves

This plot was planted in Autumn 2012 with a density of 1,975 olive trees/ha (3.75 x 1.35 m), North-South orientation, on a trellis training system with ridges, using a drip irrigation system. It consists of 6 varieties of hedgerow olive trees: ‘Arbequina’, ‘Arbosana’, ‘Koroneiki’, ‘Sikitita’, ‘Oliana’ and ‘Lecciana’.