Iberian pig

Iberian pig

logoResearch team

logoGenetic improvement and preservation of breeds of Iberian pig, genomics, metabolism and sustainable nutrition, use of ultrasound techniques to forecast in vivo the fat and muscle composition of carcasses

 Mercedes Izquierdo Cebrián

 Nicolás Garrido de la Osa

logoDevelopment of an immunologic castration protocol for males and females. Development of diets for animal wellbeing. Sustainable pig feeding and use of by-products. Green and circular agriculture. Life cycle and sustainability studies

 Francisco Ignacio Hernández García

 Javier García Gudiño

logoHistology and histochemistry of testicles, the fat and muscle tissues, other animal organs

 María Victoria Alarcón Sánchez

 Ana Hurtado de Llera

logoExtensive food crops and use of by-products in pig feeding

 Javier Matías Prieto

 Verónica Cruz Sobrado

 Antonio Mª García Calvo

 Mª José Lozano

logoEnergy crops for the production of biofuels and by-products for animal feeding. Use of a manure, urine and organic waste mixture (biogas and natural fertiliser)

 Jerónimo González Cortés

 Ana Parralejo Alcobendas

logoDevelopment of aromatic and medicinal plant essential extracts and oils with the purpose of reducing the use of drugs in animal diets

 Francisco Vázquez Pardo